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. Serving clients on the internet is a new topic also for architects.
Regardless of your location you can have access and benefit from the possibilities given by the new media.
With this website we invite you into our virtual office.

Our site will be a showcase example of our work and our projects.

As in real life the most intensiv users of this virtual office will be
all the people who already work with us.
But if you are interested in our work we welcome your comments.

As you can imagine we normally communicate in German.
However, Herman Bentele's teaching project as a guestprofessor at Nanjing Technical University in the autumn of 2001 is in English. More here

The other projects are separated in two different categories in German:

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This is for all who visit us and we want to invite them to take a glance
at our projects and ideas.
This place is open to everyone and at any time. To start please click on the orange buttons in the left frame.

If you would like to see more or to get more information, please dont hesitate to
contact us. We'd be happy to show you more of our office.

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This is our working space, which only can be used by us and
all the people involved in the projects (admittance by password)
This is the place where we work intensivly what means private presentation, data exchange, download, training.
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